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In general, the relation between Iberus Medio Ambiente, S.L.U. and its clients, derived from the contracting of the products and services contained in this website, are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of Spain.

This website has been created by Iberus, for informational purposes and for personal use.

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Terms and Conditions

- The contents, commercial activities, products and services included in this website are not designed for, or aimed at persons who reside in jurisdictions where its content is not authorised.

- The only pages to be considered part of this website are those found in the index and which are served by

- The access to this website is exclusive responsibility of the users.

- The access to this website does not signify to establish any type of commercial relation between Iberus and the user.

- Accessing and browsing this website implies an acceptance and knowledge of the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained on it.


Updating and Modification of the data

- The information that appears in this website is current as of the date of its most recent update (February 29, 2016). Iberus reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained on this webpage, as well as to limit or deny the access to this website.

- You agree not to adapt, modify, alter, convert, or otherwise change the content of this website. Nevertheless, Iberus reserves the power, at any time and without any need to provide warning, to carry out changes and updates on the information contained on its web page.

- Iberus reserves the right to alter and update these terms and conditions. Such changes will not affect concluded contracts with the client, without prejudice to any future amendments made by mutual agreement and other reasons of fortuitous events or major force.



- Iberus makes every possible effort to prevent any errors in the contents that may appear on this Web. However, Iberus makes no guarantee, nor accepts responsibility for any consequences that could be derived from errors in contents provided by third parties that may appear on this Web. However, under no circumstances, the concluded contracts between Iberus and its clients shall be affected, without prejudice to fortuitous events or major force.

- Iberus accepts no responsibility in any way for those contents, commercial activities, products and services included that may be visualized by means of electronic connections (links), directly or indirectly, through this Website. The presence of links in the website of Iberus, save for express declaration to the contrary, has a merely informative aim and in no case it implies suggestion, invitation or recommendation of the same. These links do not represent any type of relationship between Iberus and the companies or individual owners of the websites that can be accessed through these links. Iberus reserves the right to remove the links that appear in this website unilaterally and without previous notice.

- Iberus assume no liability or responsibility for the content of any discussion forum, newsletters or any kind of transmission related to this website. Iberus will cooperate, if required by court orders, with the identification of the person responsible for placing content that may constitute a violation of the law.

- Iberus excludes any liability that might arise from the transmission of information between users. Liability for statements published on this sites lies exclusively with those making the same. The transmission of data that users may make to this or via this website, or other points of access controlled by Iberus is prohibited. The same is true for the data which may infringe property rights of third parties and whose content is threatening, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, as well as the transmission of any other type of material that constitutes or incites a conduct that may be considered a criminal offence.

- Iberus reserves the right to ban or prevent access by any Internet user who may place any type of content that contravenes legal or moral rules on the website, reserving the right to exercise the legal means that it sees fit to avoid this type of conduct.


Browsing, access and security

- Accessing and browsing this web site implies an acceptance and knowledge of the legal warnings, conditions and terms of use contained on it. Iberus makes every effort to ensure that browsing takes place in the best possible conditions and prevents damage of any type that could occur during browsing.

- This website has been designed to support the most common browsers. Iberus accepts no responsibility for damage, of any type, that may be caused to users by the use of browsers or versions other than those for which this web has been designed.

- In particular, Iberus does not take responsibility for nor guarantee that access to this Website be constant or that it be error-free, on condition that such incidents are external to Iberus. Neither does it accept responsibility or guarantee that the content or software that may be accessed through this webpage is error free or not cause damage. Iberus does not assume responsibility for damages of any kind that may result from the improper use of this website

- The services supplied in this website can only be used correctly if the technical specifications for which it has been designed are fulfilled.




Intellectual and Industrial Property

- This website and its contents are protected by the Copyright and Patent Rights Laws. Thus, it may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, communicated publicly, transferred or transformed. Access to this website does not grant users any right or ownership whatsoever over the rights of intellectual and/or industrial property protecting the content provided by this website.

- The content of this website may only be downloaded to users' terminals for private, non-commercial use. Therefore, it will not be possible to utilize, reproduce, distribute, modify, publically communicate, transfer, transform or use the content of this website with commercial or public purposes.

- Iberus does not transfer property in its software to users. The user owns the media on which the software is recorded. Iberus retains all industrial and intellectual property rights, including the software. The transfer of this website's software or contents for the purpose of analysis and study, decompiling, translation of the original code version or its language to another code or language to imitate its design or to databases or content bases is strictly prohibited.

- The trade name, the brand name, logo, products and services contained in this website are protected by law.

- Iberus reserves the option of taking legal action against those users who violate or infringe these intellectual and industrial property rights.


Data Protection and Information Security Policy.

- Users of the website are under no obligation to provide personal information upon visiting the website. When collecting personal data, we will indicate if said data is optional or required. Should users refuse to provide the data marked as required, they will not be authorized access to the service they were asked for. Likewise, data may be provided voluntarily in order to offer optimum services.

- If users of this web site must provide their e-mail address in order to access any of the services offered, they can indicate that they do not wish to receive any type of communication that Iberus could send out. Iberus will make the necessary mechanisms available to users included on the website's mailing list so that they can delete their details from the list or, should this be the case, modify the type of information they wish to receive.

- Accessing this website can involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that our server places on an individual's computer hard drive to enable the individual to more easily communicate and interact with the site. Cookies have a limited duration and a cookie can never extract contact information from the user. No cookie on this website can extract information from users' hard discs or steal personal information. Those users who do not want to receive cookies or who wish to be informed of their use may configure their browser to this effect.

- Any person whose personal details are subject to scrutiny will be able to exercise their rights of objection to access to personal details, rectification and cancellation of said details according to the LOPD. These rights may be exercised via the following details:


- Submitting a written request, together with documents to support this declaration, to the following address:

Iberus Medio Ambiente, S.L.

Personal data attention

Iberia, 20 1º 3, 23200 La Carolina, Jaén (Spain)


In accordance with what is set forth in Law 56/2007, on Measures to Promote the Information Society, you can make the request by email digitally signing your request with your ID number, and it shall not be necessary a proof of the authenticity by the applicant.

If you have any queries or need further information, you can contact us by email:

- The data subject is informed that the necessary processing of the data to process your request can include the implementation of operational communications, by electronic or other means (emails, phone calls, etc.). This will not require compensation on the data subject’s part.

- We inform that, with a view to register and verify the accuracy of the provided information during the process, the data provided could be contrasted by information managers with the purpose of avoid wrong or fraudulent information.

Information on technical aspects

- Iberus shall not be held responsible for any possible damage or cost whatsoever which might arise out of interferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, telephone breakdown, operational disruptions or disconnections of this electronic system, or for any delay or blockage in the use of this electronic use caused for deficiencies or overloading of telephonic lines or of internet system or of any other electronic systems, as well as for any damage which might be caused by third parties illegitimately intruding the web without the control of Iberus. Also, Iberus shall not be held responsible for any damage or cost whatsoever which the user might suffer as a consequence of error, defects and omissions in the information provided by Iberus provided the source of said information is not Iberus itself.

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