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Spanish imperial eagle (R), Golden eagle (R), Black vulture (R), Black stork (S), Griffon vulture (R), Azure winged magpie (R), Iberian green woodpecker (R), Great spotted woodpecker (R), Common buzzard (R), Sparrohawk (R), Goshawk (R), Common kestrel (R), Blue rock thrush (R), Thekla lark (R), Hawfinch (R), Spotless starling (R), Booted eagle (S), Short-toed snake eagle (S), Bee-eater (S), Great spotted cuckoo (S), Subalpine warbler (E), Dartford warbler (R), Caffer swift (S), Egyptian vulture (P), Osprey (P), Red-billed chough (R), Iberian lynx (R),  Red deer (R), Fallow deer (R), Mouflon (R), Spanish ibex (R), Egyptian mongoose (R), Genet (R), Stone marten (R), Red fox (R), Garden dormouse (R), Wild cat (R), Iberian painted frog (R), Salamander sub. morenica (R), Natterjack toad (R), Perez's frog (R), Iberian spadefoot toad (R), Iberian midwife toad (R), Mediterranean tree frog (R), Southern smooth snake (R), Horseshoe whip snake (R), Snub nosed viper (R), Ringe grassnake (R), Viperine snake (R), Montpellier snake (R), Vanessa atalanta (P), Vanessa cardui (P), Charaxes jasius (R), Gonepteryx rhamni (R), Gonepteryx cleopatra (R), Pararge aegeria (R), 


R = Resident; S = Summer; W = Winter; P = Migratory period


We suggest you a trip guided by local experts with a great knowledgement of the territory, with the aim of having a sight of the most world's endangered feline, of which some more of 500 copies remain in the world: the Iberian lynx, 


We will know its habitat, its ecology, its behavior, the conservation actions that have been carried out for its recovery and we will make waits to try to observe it in private property. The Sierra de Andújar is the largest population nucleus of the species, being one of the best places for its sighting. We will look for traces, footprints and signs that indicate their presence.

We start the day looking for the different species that this corner of Sierra Morena offers us. Between a Mediterranean mountain of soft reliefs and a spectacular landscape, we enter the Sierra de Andújar Natural Park to discover the world of the restless otters, the Spanish imperial eagle or the black and griffon vultures, that already in the mid-morning raise their flight taking advantage of the thermal currents.

Later, we will calmly move through the best lynx territories, which are also for different mammals such a Red deer, Fallow deer, Mouflon or Wild boar.

Dehesas of holm oaks, cork oaks, wild pear trees, heathers, rock roses, strawberry tree scrubs, mastic trees, or different aromatic plants typical of the Mediterranean forest, between an infinite labyrinth of granite "bowls" will open the way to a private farm where we will have total exclusivity to realize waits trying the observation of the Iberian Lynx (small groups).


Of course, observing without filling the stomach is complicated, so we include a picnic of local and organic products (coffee included) to taste in the field. Do not worry, while we enjoy the picnic, the guides are completely alert to any movement that may arise;)

It's complicated to describe it in words, are you coming?


We can design the route to your needs, so if you do not like what we offer, we adapt to you.


- In Iberus Birding & Nature we strictly comply with ethical behavior for the observation of threatened wildlife, and wildlife in general We do not use baits, lures, or attractants of any kind. The specimens susceptible of being observed live completely in freedom, so is never guaranteed 100% its observation, although our results indicate that there is a high probability.

- The observations are made from a distance to not disturb the behavior of the species, always guided by experts in the biology and ethology.

- Nature is capricious and indomitable, so we are not responsible for the weather or other external factors that could alter the normal behavior of wildlife.

- If you want to know what people think about us, click HERE.

- Every day of the year.

- Duration is approximately 12 hours. The schedule is approximated and it will depends of the dawin-dusk time, wheather,  etc.


- Pick up and return to the airport: 120 €.

- We help you with the ACCOMMODATION: ask us.

- Pick up at your accommodation: free (contact us).

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- 4x4 Vehicles.

- Expert local guides.

- Liability insurance and authorizations.

- Bibliography.

- Access to private estate.

- Optical material (binoculars and Swarovski spotting scope).

- Breakfast and local products picnic lunch.


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